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These general conditions are valid from 2016-11-01 and for all customers to Hungry Wines 2016 ApS. These General Terms and Conditions ( “Terms and Conditions”) constitute the contract between you ( “Subscriber”) and Hungry Wines 2016 ApS, with address Hungry Wines 2016 ApS, Faksegade 13, 2100 Copenhagen ( “Hungry Wines”). The agreement concerns the purchase of wine, which is described below. NOTE! You must be at least 18 years old, or 20 years old if you are a Swedish citizen, to buy wine through Hungry Wines. Excessive consumption of alcohol can be harmful.
1. General
1.1 Hungry Wines provides individuals aged 18 (Denmark) and 20 years (Sweden) through its website (the “Site”) and the seller (Wine Advicer), buy wine with delivery to your door. The smallest possible volume is 3 bottles / delivery of the same type of wine, unless otherwise stated on the site.
6. Data Security
6.1 It is not allowed to try to circumvent security measures Hungry Wines or use the Website in a manner that could damage, put out of order, impair, or overburden the Site or interfere with other people’s use of the Site. 6.2 It is not allowed to try to gain unauthorized access to any computer systems or networks subject to the Site or to try to assimilate the materials or information not intentionally made available or provided through the Site. 6.3 Criminal actions such as data breach will be prosecuted.
7. Payment Methods
7.1 All orders with Hungry Wines 2016 is managed by it’s office and could be administered by Klarna AB (Klarna conditions). The invoice or receipt is sent by e-mail. The invoice paid by the client according to the due date stated on the invoice, normally 14 days after the billing date. The customer is personally responsible for his entered the correct e-mail address associated with the cartoon of the subscription or purchase of Wine box. Should the amount be charged a reminder fee of up to 60.00 SEK, and interest under current reference rate plus 24.00%. Certainly not received payment reminder sent after the case is transferred to debt collection, debt collection and sent with a fee of 180.00 SEK.För further information, please refer to clarified conditions: Klarna conditions 7.2 For card payments, money deducted directly at the point of purchase. 7.4 Hungry Wines 2016 meets the requirements of PCI DSS.
8. Prices and fees
8.1 All prices on the website are including all taxes and duties. 8.2 The customer who makes the purchase is responsible for payment of all charges payable under these General Terms and Conditions. 8.3 The price for each wine box, is fixed in accordance with the customer selection. The price shown on the information from time to time is available on the website as well as relevant subscription description. (See section 2.2) 8.4 For delivery, the eventual delivery cost will be clear. 
9. Delivery
9.1 Home delivery / delivery directly to the customer’s specified delivery address. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that Hungry Wines have the correct mobile number or another telephone number to call during the day. Delivery takes place on weekdays between 08:00 and 17. In sparsely populated areas can supply at night usually not offered. Note that it is up to the carrier to suggest the time of delivery and the time the proposal will consist of an interval of 4 hours (for example 08: 00-12: 00). At any delays, contact the recipient by telephone in advance. 9.2 Upon delivery requires a receipt signed by a person who is at least 20 years of age and can present valid identification. 9.3 If delivery under point 9.1 fails because of (I) to any authorized recipient is not available at the delivery address at the time of delivery, (II) the signature of the required receipt of evidence under item 9.2 is not obtained, or (iii) any other circumstance which is not due to Hungry Wines, the customer is responsible unilaterally to arrange a re-delivery. Cost arising in that case to the subscriber. 9.4 If the redelivery can not be implemented due to circumstances stated in section 9.3, have Hungry Wines right to store the delivery to the customer pick out the wine. If the customer has not taken wine products within 30 days from the day when the goods are returned to the carrier, has Hungry Wines right to deliver the present wine products in the next delivery. If the products can not be delivered at such next delivery, due to circumstances stated in section 9.3, the carrier to keep them for a maximum of 90 days. Subsequently the customer right to the products will be confiscated – Hungry Wines are also not obliged to refund. 9.5 The customer is obligated to pay all costs incurred Hungry Wines in connection with that delivery can not be made and / or wine products are stored, according to point 9.3 and / or 9.4 9.6 If Hungry Wines can not rectify the defect within a reasonable time, the consumer has the right to cancel the purchase.
10. Nature of the goods and quality
10.1 The wine shall contain the grapevine of the character chosen by the customer when making the purchase. The delivered wine shall also contain the number of bottles of wine chosen by the customer making the purchase 
11. Complaints and Seller’s liability
11.1 A customer who receives wine products by the customer perceived to be defective or unfit for consumption shall promptly after discovery notify Hungry Wines. Customer shall contact with Hungry Wines specify what the error or defect consists of and the name of the wine comes defect. 11.2 Hungry Wines be after the notification has been made pursuant to section 11.1 whether they felanmälda wine products should be returned to Hungry Wines quality. 11.3 If Hungry Wines decides not to perform quality control under item 11.2, the Hungry Wines of its choice at its own expense to replace the defective wine products through the repayment of corresponding value. This is in accordance with the warranty. After the complaint is approved, the customer is refunded within 14 days. 11.4 If Hungry Wines decides to perform quality control under item 11.2, the customer shall at his own expense return the goods to Hungry Wines. It turns out, following quality control, that the goods are defective or unfit for consumption should Hungry Wines of its choice at its own expense to replace the defective wine products as repayment to the client what he has paid for the defective wine products and paid leveranskostnad.11.5 Goods can not be claimed for us given consumption period. Consumption Period attached to the order confirmation, as well as on the website when ordering opportunity.
12. Administrative measures – taxes, etc.
12.1 Hungry Wines pays all taxes and any customs costs incurred in connection with the delivery of wine products to customers. Hungry Wines perform further administrative measures necessary to carry out the payment of the taxes and customs costs. All prices are including any duties and taxes, and Hungry Winess handling thereof. 12.2 By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, the customer agrees to Hungry Wines carries out the administrative measures necessary for wine products shall be delivered to the customer, and the customer according to current or future legislation is required to implement. Hungry Wines thus has the right to represent the client, for example, the possible payment of the alcohol tax and the advance payment of such tax. 12.3 In the event that Hungry Winess measures pursuant to section 12.1 is not approved by the authority concerned, the customer is obliged to carry out the authority of the announced measures, which are necessary for wine products can be delivered to the customer. 12.4 Hungry Wines in the cases referred to in paragraph 12.3 ensure that the customer need not pay any fee or imposed any additional expense for the importation of wine products. 12.5 Hungry Wines not responsible for commitments Hungry Wines has towards the client which can not be implemented due to the current legal regulations concerning private imports of alcoholic beverages in the EU waived by future legislative, judicial and / or administrative decision.
13. Return Policy
13.1 A customer who subscribed or purchased wine via Hungry Wines’ website and / or have been called by Wine adviser from Hungry Wines have the legal right to withdraw and cancel a subscription or purchase within 14 days in accordance with the Distance and Doorstep Selling Act. At repentance requires that the customer returns the product in its original condition, that is, all the bottles are unopened and in the original packaging. The customer is obliged to return the wine at their own expense to Hungry Wines. After receiving the return becomes Member repaid within 14 days from the receipt of the complaint Hungry Wines or canceled. Repayment is made in the same method of payment for the purchase. 13.3 If the customer wishes to use his right of withdrawal in accordance with these Terms and Conditions, the customer must contact Hungry Wines. Contact details are given in Section 19.1.
14. Change in condition
14.1 Hungry Wines reserves the right to change the terms and prices by notice on the Website. Such a change will not affect the terms of already signed subscription agreement, with the exception of paragraph 2.2. 14.2 Hungry Wines reserves the right to change the terms of already signed subscription agreement due to the current legal regulations concerning private imports of alcoholic beverages in the EU and EEA waived by future legislation, litigation and / or regulatory decisions or other government actions, such as changes in tax rates or the like .
15. Personal data
15.1 Hungry Wines process personal data about the customer in order to be able to provide, manage and track Hungry Wines’ Subscriptions and Other Services. 15.2 Hungry Wines is also entitled to transfer the personal data of customers to Hungry Wines’ partners in order to enable them to provide information and marketing to the customer. 15.3 The customer is also obliged to take part of Hungry Wines full privacy policy which specifies the conditions under which Hungry Wines treats customer personal data. 15.4 Personal data is processed by Hungry Wines only for the above purposes. The data subject has, among other things, according to the Personal Data Act (1998: 204), certain rights in connection with the processing of personal data, such as the right to receive information on the processing of information, and to request the correction of inaccurate data. Customers, who have received information about the treatment, thus leaving their consent to personal information about the customer is treated as described above.
16. Limitation of Liability
16.1 Hungry Wines does not guarantee that the wine and subscriptions that are from time to time are given on the website are available. Hungry Wines bequeathing no warranty as to the content, information and data provided through the Site. Hungry Wines reserve for typographical errors regarding price or other terms of the products and subscriptions that are advertised on the Website. Rates can be adjusted as the customer places the goods at checkout or that prices are not updated on the product page. This is the price at checkout to apply. The Website may contain links to Hungry Wines’ partner sites and home pages. Hungry Wines is not responsible for the content or transmissions from those websites or that these websites work. The customer is responsible for the use he makes of the partners’ websites in accordance with the conditions applicable to them. 16.2 Hungry Wines is not responsible under any circumstances for loss of data, loss of profit or any other direct or indirect damage caused by the use of, or inability to use, Hungry Wines website. 16.3 Unless otherwise provided by mandatory law Hungry Wines is never responsible for indirect damage which was caused by Hungry Wines. 16.4 Hungry Wines with its subcontractors shall be exempt from damages and other penalties on the performance of a certain obligation under these General Terms and Conditions prevented or materially adversely affected by circumstances that the party could not reasonably have foreseen. The following circumstances constitute an exemplification of such exemptions pivotal factor: labor disputes, fire, natural disaster, war, mobilization, currency restrictions, legislative changes, court or official decisions on private imports of alcoholic beverages within the EC, insurrection, riot or general shortage. 16.5 16.4 point applies even when a subcontractor or third party with whom Hungry Wines collaborates prevented from fulfilling its obligations due to circumstances stated in section 16.4. 16.6 Wines containing alcohol. Excessive consumption can be harmful. Hungry Wines is not liable for damage that may directly or indirectly result from the consumption of wines.
17. Breach of contract
17.1 Hungry Wines also has the right to immediately terminate the agreement if the other party has shown clear signs of insolvency.
18. Choice of law and disputes
18.1 Disputes regarding the application and interpretation of these conditions and the use of subscriptions and other services shall be settled by a Swedish court.
19. Hungry Wines contact information, etc.
19.1 The subscriber can contact Hungry Wines either by e-mail message sent to [email protected] or by post to the following address:
Hungry Wines 2016 ApS
Faksegade 13
2100 Copenhagen
Hungry Wines 2016 ApS
VAT nr: DK38028332
Excessive consumption of alcohol can be harmful.