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  We are still harvesting.  The shop will soon be open for pre-orders.  
Our first ever wine event is coming up! Hungry Wines will participate in the yearly wine exhibition – the “julemesse”

The Mission of Hungry Wines is to:

– Educate and inspire about wine and food pairing

– Contribute to people drinking more wine that is better for them and the nature

– Establish Hungary as a modern and prominent wine country that can compete with the best wine countries in the world

Is it so difficult?

To find a wine that goes well with your food? It shouldn’t be, but far too many times something goes wrong. There might be nothing wrong with the main component like the meat, fish or vegetarian option of your dish, but more than often the side dishes give us troubles.

Recipes – the perfect matches:

Here you can find recipes that matches our wines – and general advice!

How about a Rustique Caesar salad, or a Salsiccia with feta and red beets?

Just don’t miss the delicious truffle carbonara!