Introduction to Hacienda Solano in La Aguilera, Ribera del Duero

La Aguilera, a village with some of the oldest vineyards in Ribera del Duero

Hacienda Solano is a small family bodega situated in La Aguilera, Burgos. A village which has some of the best and oldest vineyards in D.O. Ribera del Duero.

Initially their grapes were sold to wineries like Vega Sicilia and Emilio Moro. In 2016 winemaker Toni Sarrión was invited to make Hacienda Solano’s own wine and he has managed the winemaking ever since. Together with Sophie Kuhn and the rest of the family Cubillo Solano, he makes wines that respect their philosophy.


The philopsophy – expressions of a vineyard

Hacienda Solano’s philosophy is to work with minimal intervention, working in an artisanal way without added yeasts, without additives and with less time on oak. This let the vineyards express themselves.


The vineyards – rooted deep in calcareous soil

Work with characteristic vineyards and sustainable viticulture characterizes several generations of wine workers. Cold winters, hot summers, lots of effort and dedication, not to mention the passion, is what marks the hand of a wine worker.


The wines – the character of a village

With honest work and the intention to let the wines reflect the character of the place, the climate and the soils. Close your eyes and you are surrounded of pines –  that is how Hacienda Solano work in La Aguilera.

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