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Thanks to these conditions international varieties like Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Syrah became very popular in the 1990s. But we also have high hopes for our local varieties, Kékfrankos (aka. Blaufränkisch) and Kadarka, which seem to respond really well to the challenges posed by the extreme weather conditions of recent years. We believe that the future of our estate lies with local varieties, and our increasing commitment to them is reflected in the structure of our new plantings and viticultural experiments.

Our aim is to transform Szekszárd into an internationally recognized, high-end wine region capable of appealing to the most sophisticated and curious wine lovers.

/Ágnes, Zoltán and Zoltán Jr Heimann

Sustainability: Our wines reflect our personalities

We grow our own grapes and we live among the vines that yield them. We absorb inspiration from all around us and scrutinize our own thoughts intensely. We continuously take steps to improve the habitat to enable fauna to thrive in order to achieve biodiversity. As the grapes ripen, we react promptly to the challenges of each vintage. We taste to decide on the optimum harvest date and sort our grapes manually, with overripe berries simply not making the cut.

We delicately handle and process the harvested grapes, fermenting and extracting with care. We allow the wines a lengthy maturation period so that they can develop slowly and steadily, at their own speed. In creating our blends, we taste and take decisions together as a trio of mother, father and son. All of that goes into a glass of Heimann.

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The history – Living and working in Szekszárd since 1758

After the end of the Ottoman occupation of Hungary in the 18th century Swabian farmers were encouraged by royal incentives to settle down in the depopulated regions. They brought along their advanced wine producing culture and entrepreneurial, hard-working spirit. They planted vine on the abandoned hillsides and revitalized trade. The Heimanns belonged to the “lower street Swabians” in Szekszárd and were one of the enterprising and hard-working farmer families.


In the 20th century the development of the family winery was first halted by the Great Depression of the 1930s and then by WW2. Our great-great grandfather Ferenc (b 1901) on returning from the war was forced, due to his illness, to hand over the management of the family estate to his son Ferenc (b 1930). Heimann Ferenc Jr. was instrumental in the implementation of the first large scale cordon-trained vine plantings, the establishment of the local cooperative for vine crofts and also the founding of the local winery Aliscavin.

Zoltán (b 1959) and his wife, Ágnes have left their respective careers as successful economists to return to viticulture and winemaking. Since 1990 they have reorganized the family estate. The commitment to vineyards has become once again an essential part of our family culture. In 2009 they decided to move to Szekszárd so that they could dedicate all their efforts to running the estate.


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