Polgar vineyard

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Polgar is a family winery in the scenic, award-winning red wine district Villány in the south of Hungary.

“We have inherited the love of the Earth and the life-giving plants and grapes from our grandparents, our teachers and horticultural parents. At Polgár Winery our goal and task is to take care of the received natural heritage, preserve and pass it on to our successors to live healthily and bring up our grandchildren.

In 1974 when we both were sitting in the school desk of the University of Horticulture, my wife and I had a dream: we would like to live in Villány, grow grapes and drink our own wine, just as my father and his father before him. In 1975 still as university students, we were planting our first ¼ acre vineyard. Since then we have been dreaming about new grapes, vines, cellar, a pension/guesthouse, and slowly, in the last decades our dreams have come true together with our children.” Today we at Polgár Winery still believe in Villány; in the specialities, the lands, and the God blessed sunshine of the southern sun of Villány wine region.

We believe in ourselves, but also in people and in the special energy of the grape grown in the land of Villány and in the purity of the high-standard crafted wine of ours.

We make our wines with belief and love, and we believe that this love comes through our wines to everyone who drinks them.

Our goal is that our tasty, elegant wines made by handcrafted, carefully picked grapes give a unique treat to the ones who like natural tastes and natural wines.”

/Polgár Zoltán

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