Wassmann winery

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Tracing a path between the slopes of the Villány hills, this was the first wine route in Hungary.

The area includes approx. 2500 hectares of south-facing vineyards, as well as almond, fig, apricot and peach trees, a sign that the Mediterranean is not far away. From our vineyards we can see a wide expanse of land with an ideal microclimate: warm days, cool nights and always enough wind to dry out the leaves when it rains. The average annual temperature is 11.5C with 2,300 hours of sunshine. The local loess and clay soil on a bed of chalk helps to store the moderate rainfall (700 sq mm a year).

We preserve the gifts of the soil and the sun

All of our wines are Demeter-certified, biodynamic, unadulterated, vegan and low in sulfur. We do as little as possible in the cellar!

We produce hand-crafted, unadulterated wines to the highest standards.

Our wines reflect the special features of the grape variety and the local geology and climate, otherwise known as the terroir.

Only vines thriving on living soil rich in humus produce healthy grapes that are rich in flavor. It is also important to achieve an optimal balance between the vine and its yield. For that reason, we restrict the growth of each vine individually in the pruning process and treat our soil and vines throughout the year with organic materials and biodynamic preparations.


We have no employees and do all the work in the vineyards, in the cellar and in marketing by ourselves to achieve the best quality.

Our cellars are traditional, grabbed in the clay by the danubian Swabians more than 100 years ago. There is no concrete, no technique there, the soil in the cellars is pure, natural clay ground.

/Susann and Ralf Wassmann

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Their story

1998 We purchased an old farm built in the style of the Swabian settlers in the Villány-Siklós wine-growing region. In addition, we acquired a south-facing plot with Chardonnay and Welschriesling vines interspersed with almond and peach trees and another adjacent one planted with Portugieser.

2002 We wanted to produce quality wine grown and bottled according to ecological principles, so we founded a company called Wassmann Pince Bt.

​2003 We were finally able to register with the Hungarian Certification and Control authority in charge of compliance with EU Law (Biokontroll Hungária Nonprofit Kft).

2004 We leased half a hectare of Merlot, as well as Blaufränkisch, Portugieser, and Welschriesling.

2005 We purchased another plot to plant Kékfrankos. The state authority for wine quality awarded us official approval according to EU Law for our grape-processing, wine production, and bottling methods.

2006 We produced our very first Villány Organic wine – our WASSMANN Villány Portugieser 2006. We purchased more land for organic grape production, where we planted cabernet franc and cabernet sauvignon in April 2007.

2008 In order to supply our customers in other EU countries more efficiently we founded a business – Weinhandlung Ralf Wassmann – in Wulften, Germany.

2009 We started to offer advice to other wine-growers interested in changing to organic production.

2010 Susann received her diploma as ‘wine judge’ from the wine production school in Villány, since when she has been participating in international wine-tastings.

2011 We became the second Hungarian wine producers to receive the status ‘converting to DEMETER’.

2012 Our grape harvest was certified as DEMETER.

2013 WASSMANN Portugieser 2011 won the main prize at the Villány Wine Competition and was Champion at ‘Portugieser du Monde’. In the summer the first DEMETER-WASSMANN wines entered the market.

2014 We introduce the first WASSMANN sparkling wine, known as Morizz (Portugieser based brut nature rosé). From now on, WASSMANN’s sparkling wine is made every year.

2015 Hungarian Wines of Excellence gave WASSMANN PINCE the highest rating for WASSMANN Cabernet Franc 2012.

2016 Hungarian Wines of Excellence gave WASSMANN PINCE the highest rating for WASSMANN Kékfrankos 2013.

2017 Looks like one of the best vintages in our career. We close our German company ship to all EU countries from here. Free shipping in Hungary starts. The Book of Wine Excellence: Wassmann Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc 2014 are once again on the national list.

And the story goes on…

Read more at the Wassmann couple’s webpage


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