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Why food pairing?

How often are you thinking about how well your wine actually goes to your food? Imagine that you have cooked a nice dinner for you and your partner and it’s time to get the wine. You put a little bit of thought into your wine selection or perhaps you are mainly thinking about the color (white or red). You open it and try it with the food and think “Oh no. This was certainly not a good choice." But it was quite expensive! So you feel obliged to drink the whole bottle. I don’t know if this has happened to you, but it has certainly happened to me. The most disturbing fact is that just one ingredient, sauce, or side can make the whole food and wine experience fail. I therefore hope that the Hungry Wines Collection will help you to pair what you are serving or being served, both with recipe inspiration and advice to help you avoid the pitfalls on the way.

The Articles

Recipes that match your wines

Instead of pairing wines to recipes we wanted to carefully design recipes that match our wines. We took help from Matbyrån in Stockholm, and here is the result!

Wholesome, delicious recipes for each of our wines, enjoy and let us know what you think!

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