Hungry Wines Kadarka one of Best buys at Systembolaget’s online shop!

Terese Cedergren, wine journalist, sommelier and head of the blog site  – a meeting place for food and drinks just wrote some nice words about Hungry Wines Kadarka:

“Best buys online at Systembolaget’s online shop – Beställningssortimentet” Jan 29 2017:

“Hungry Wines Kadarka 2015 – Light with cherry tones and spiciness with floral tones made from the Hungarian grape Kadarka that is cultivated in southern Hungary. Interesting and perfect for people who don’t like heavy wines. Would love to bring it to a blind tasting as I don’t think there are many that would get it right 😉 Works perfectly to dishes with fish, chicken or veggies. 150 kr Order the wine here!

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