“Would drink it all days a week”

Instagram 2017-09-03 Sarah Djerf Hungry Wines

Last week Sarah Djerf, wine journalist in Allt om Mat tried and liked our dry Furmints!

“Hungarian wines from small organic producers. The one to the left is great! 100% Furmint and barrel fermented. Would drink it all days a week.” The wine she means is Furmint Barrique 2011, find it at Systembolaget here. 

She also really liked our “fish&seafood wine” –  Furmint from 2016.

“It tasted a little like a North Italian, pinot gris”, surely fantastic to black olives.” We do absolutely agree Sarah, and it does taste fantastic to black olives! 🙂

119kr at Beställningssortimentet, Systembolaget.

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