What about a seafood risotto with some crisp white wine?

Now when it’s warmer outside, don’t you think it is just delicious with fresh fish, asparagus and white wine?

With asparagus I recommend a dry Furmint, Riesling or Sylvaner with a good acidity, as the acidity in the asparagus quite easily “kills” red wine.

For fish we often want lemon, and here it can also be difficult to match red wine, or wine in general. I recommend a crispy white; a nice Sancerre from Loire (grape Sauvignon Blanc), a dry Riesling, or our favourite  naturally; Furmint from 2016.

We have just made our own seafood risotto with fresh green asparagus and paired it with Furmint 2016 och Furmint Zephyr, it was a real treat I can tell you!

Check out the recipe here.

Bon apetit!


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