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  • What is so special about Tokaj?

    What is so special about Tokaj?

    Tokaj is an institution. It is a Unesco world heritage, it is beautiful, volcaneous and most of all, spectacular wines are being made here. The region is situated in the northeastern Hungary on the border to Slovakia and includes barely 6000 hectares of wine land (the size of a single appellation in Bordeaux!) Thanks to the amount of…

  • Furmint, what the grape?

    Furmint, what the grape?

    Many of you are probably wondering – what kind of grape is furmint?  I didn’t know much about it myself before I travelled to Tokaj, the region where the grape has its capital seat in Hungary, and where it is a key ingredient in the world-famous sweet wine Aszú – that Louis XV called “the Wine of Kings, and The King of…