The Wines

Each Hungry Wine is carefully selected to play an important part in the Hungry Wines Collection. The grapes are handpicked and gone through a “second selection” to assure only the best quality grapes. The winemakers take great care in the nature and do not use any pesticides during production, and no artificial additives, aromas or colorants are added. A little sulphites is however needed to stabilise the wines, but in the lowest quantity possible and well below the limit for organic winemaking. All to make the wines as natural as they can be, at the same time as keeping your well-being in focus.

Enjoy the wines and let me know your favourite!
/Lovisa Mörner, founder Hungry Wines

The Reds


  • This elegant, slightly spicy red wine is made from the special and challenging Hungarian grape Kadarka
  • From the award-winning red wine district Villány
  • Enjoy with lamb, fish soup, stew dishes, chicken and bacon
  • Ageing in oak barrels contributes to the full flavour and bouquet. The taste is fruity with delicate acids and kind tannins…. Read more about the wine here!

The Reds

Cuvée Elsie

  • A special cuvée of 55% Cabernet Franc, 20% Syrah, 16% Kékfrankos and 9% Merlot, Elsie is the calling card of the family winery Heimann on top of the beautiful hills of Szekszárd in southern Hungary.
  • Enjoy with game like deer, moose, wild boar or roasted duck and creamy, gratinated vegetarian dishes. Also fantastic with meat from the BBQ and hard cheeses.
  • Aged in oak barrels for 14 months before bottling to reach complexity and balance… Read more about the wine here!
Hungry Wines Elsie

The Whites

Furmint Barrique 2011 - sold out

  • Dry white wine made 100% of the classical Tokaj grape Furmint
  • Barrel fermented and aged in oak barrels for 17 months
  • Enjoy with pork, poultry and hearty salads

The Whites

Furmint barrique 2009 - sold out

  • Elegant, round dry white made 100% of the classical Tokaj grape Furmint
  • Barrel fermented and aged in oak barrels for 17 months
  • Enjoy with poultry, rabbit, smoked meat & cheese, mushroom paste, and truffle

The Whites

Furmint 2016 - sold out

  • Crisp, fresh dry white made 100% of the classical Tokaj grape Furmint
  • The vineyards are under conversion to organic farming
  • Perfect with white fish, seafood, or a light salad

The Whites

Furmint Zephyr - sold out

  • A complex and dynamic, ultimate Furmint
  • Gives a fresh, delicious drinking experience, with years of ageing potential
  • Great with fatty fish, seafood and lighter meat like chicken