Why food pairing?

Is it so difficult?

To find a wine that goes well with your food? It shouldn’t be, but far too many times something goes wrong. There might be nothing wrong with the main component like the meat, fish or vegetarian option of your dish, but it is often the side dishes that give us troubles.

Imagine that you have cooked a nice dinner for you and your partner and it’s time to get the wine. You put some thought into your wine selection or perhaps you are mainly thinking about the color (white or red). You open the bottle, you try the wine with the food and think “Oh no, this was certainly not a good choice. But it was quite expensive! We shouldn’t waste it, we still need to drink the whole bottle.”

Or imagine this: you are at a restaurant to celebrate a good friend, a bottle is picked and it arrives to the table and it just doesn’t taste good to your food. At all. You cannot send it back, because you bought the bottle and there is nothing wrong with it.

I don’t know if this has happened to you, but it has certainly happened to me. I have always had a burning interest in wine, with family and friends getting annoyed at my careful choosing at restaurants and in stores. I had an urge to know more in order to avoid picking the wrong wines. I was constantly looking for the better choice for my food. Finally, one day I decided to do something about it. I decided to become a sommelier and have more than my own experience behind my wine choices. I decided to create a brand and a collection of wines that would help people to pair their food with wine. A brand that would be simple, honest, and only include wines I would drink myself. Finally, they would all naturally be responsibly produced, so not harmful to nature, nor to you. That is why I only work with small, dedicated winemakers, who exclusively use natural methods and produce handcrafted, quality wines, rather than quantity.

To conclude, we at Hungry Wines hope to help you just a little bit on the way, to avoid the pitfalls of food and wine pairing.