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Johan Franco Cereceda om vinet Elsie den 18 juni 2019:

“Great Hungarian wine – perfect to a halloumi burger with some baby gem lettuce.”

Din Vinguide:

Fin furmint: 

Hungry Wines Furmint Barrique 2011, nr 74420. 169 kr

Furmint är också ett vin att leta efter när du vill ha något i stil med Bourgogne, fast bra mycket billigare. Här får vi lite av av varje; nötter, mineraler, stenrök, sälta och livliga friska syror. Fabulöst!

Hungry Wines Kadarka 2015, nr 73150. 155 kr

Spännande, svalt och lättsamt från Ungern, på den lokala druvan kadarka. För dem som gillar lättare och slankare viner á la gamay och en del naturviner, så kommer denna sitta som en smäck. Örtigt, slankt och rödbärigt.

Furmint barrique 2011 från HungryWines recenseras av Lena Särnholm

Furmint Barrique 2011 recenseras av Lena Särnholm i Oktober 2018:

“Paired very well with a dry Tokaji Hungary, aged 17 months on barriques. A rich nose with ripe lemon, white peach, oak spices and wet stone. The acidity hits the high notes, as expected 😀. .”

Goda Smaker recenserar Furmint Barrique 2011

Inrikesmagasinet recommending our Hungry Wines Kadarka!

We are very happy to see that Sommelier Amalia Gonzales Stöckel is recommending Hungry Wines Kadarka 2015 as “wine tip of the week”:

“If you like lighter red wines with smell of mature red fruit, leather and full after taste then Hungry Wines Kadarka is something for you! The label is additionally made to show what food pairs well with the wine.” Veckans vintips Kadarka Veckans vintips Kadarka

Last week Sarah Djerf, wine journalist in Allt om Mat tried and liked our dry Furmints!

“Hungarian wines from small organic producers. The one to the left is great! 100% Furmint and barrel fermented. Would drink it all days a week.” The wine she means is Furmint Barrique 2011, find it at Systembolaget here. 

She also really liked our “fish&seafood wine” –  Furmint from 2016.

“It tasted a little like a North Italian, pinot gris”, surely fantastic to black olives.”

Instagram Sarah Djerf Hungry Wines Furmint

At DinVinguide sommelier Sofia Ander is writing about her “juicy Summer favourites”. She writes that lighter, more juicy wines have become trendy and are welcome after a long time of heavier wines dominating.

Johan Franco Cereceda’s Instagram June 4

Johan Franco Cereceda, June 2nd at

Writing about Eastern Europe delivering and our two lovely newcomers; Furmint 2016 och Furmint Zephyr – as “Best whites right now” !

 Vinsider in “Dagens Nyheter” June 1st 2017:

Furmint Barrique 2011 is recommended as “safe card when shopping wine! Find the magazine here:

Wine journalist and editor in chief Anders Melldén:

Hungry Wines Kadarka 2015

“When was the last time you had a wine from the grape Kadarka? Good news from Hungry Wines, completely headstrong, exciting and delicious!”

The Golden Cuvée

“The Summer’s raspberries and a perfect match from Hungary – yes please!”

Terese Cedergren, wine blogger and sommelier managing the blog site  – a meeting place for food and wine, writes about Hungry Wines Kadarka:

“Best buys in “beställningssortimentet” Jan 29 2017:

“Hungry Wines Kadarka 2015 – Lätt & josigt med körsbärstoner och kryddighet med florala toner gjord på den ungerska druvan Kadarka som odlas i södra Ungern. Intressant och perfekt för den som inte gillar tunga viner. Skulle gärna ta med denna i en blindprovning tror inte att de är många som skulle pricka den 😉 . Passar till lättare rätter av fisk, kyckling eller vegetariskt. 150 kr Beställ vinet här!

Malou Winter, an incredibly talented girl working with photo, film and social media

“Pannacotta with granatäpple together with Hungry Wines’ dessert wine = crazy good! Will seriously invite everyone I know to this combo”

Read the whole post here

Furmint Barrique scores high in Denmark!

In Denmark, a group of wine connoisseurs calling themselves has posted an entertaining video talking about Hungry Wines Furmint barrique 2009 and 2011. Not to mention giving the wines really good scores; 90 and 91 points respectively!

Give it a try, but we know we need to get some translation into place for you non-Danish speaking 🙂

Wine Factory – Hungry Wines Furmint Tokaji

Winefactory has also reviewed Hungry Wines The Golden Cuvée:

Article in the magazine “Älskade Östermalm” 03/2017:

Inrikesmagasinet 26/3: